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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Parable of the Justice Evader

Is it wrong of me to laugh loudly, yes, really properly LOL, not just a virtual LOL a real one, when I heard that Julian Assange is suffering from a lung problem due to lack of fresh air in the Ecuadorean embassy?

It's like Mother Nature just simply couldn't stand the sight of all these rapists and rape apologists strutting their arrogant stuff on the world stage anymore and decided to land a little gift into the laps of those of us who have been sickened by the parade of men and women eager to tell us that when once we consent to sex with a man, we have then agreed to all barriers of bodily integrity being broken and we have no more right to put conditions, boundaries or any sort of negotiation around sexual behaviour from that moment on.  Once we've said yes once, the story goes, the men take charge and can do what they want with our bodies.  That's the model of sex so many people in society believe is normal. This beautifully crafted parable of the rapey man who brought judgement on himself by trying to avoid judgement is like Nature's refutation of that rape-friendly model of normal sexual behaviour.  It's almost irresistable, but  I'm going to restrict myself to merely observing that although I don't normally believe in Karma I might just suspend my disbelief for this particular case. 

The glorious thing about it is that if Rapey Julian had actually stayed in Sweden to answer the questions the Swedish police wanted to ask him, the whole thing would probably have blown over by now.

We know that even in "progressive" Sweden, rape conviction rates are ridiculously low and rapists generally walk free just as they do all over the world.  Chances are, Rapey Julian would have been questioned and the police would have decided that there isn't enough evidence to prosecute, as happens in most rape cases (because the evidence is "just the women" and we all know how much the word of women is worth).  Even if he were charged with rape, he'd probably have got off - most rapists do, even in Sweden.  And like most rapists, nobody would hold it against him that he had been charged with rape, even though we know that over 90% of men accused of rape are guilty, though fewer than 10% are actually found guilty by a jury of their peers; on the contrary, he would have been feted everywhere as a poor put-upon innocent man who had been yet another victim of the inexplicable malice of wicked women who as everyone knows, invent rape allegations at the drop of a hat because their wombs and hormones and general female-ness make them unbalanced and hysterical and unreliable an' all.  Much more than men, who hardly ever lie about anything and of course don't have as much reason for lying about rape as women do... oh, wait...

By his own actions, he has brought upon himself the prison sentence he so richly deserves, without even having gone through due process.  I have no idea whether he's guilty of rape or not, but he's most certainly guilty of rape apologia, sexism, creepiness and bringing John Inman into disrepute because he looks so like him.  Are you free, Mr Assange? The consternation caused by seeing Mr Humphries grand-standing about CIA agents, has got to be worth a custodial sentence by itself.

What a pity the same sort of karmic consequences can't be meted out to all these appalling rapey lefty-boys like George Galloway et al, who can always be relied upon to defend rapists when their interests are in conflict with the interests of women.  Ironically, they are defending a man who isn't even a lefty-boy like them - he's a libertarian.  For someone who wouldn't know socialism if it slapped him round the face with a condom upon which sex is conditional, these socialists are going to an awful lot of trouble to remind women to know our place - and that place isn't somewhere that includes bodily integrity or demanding the same human rights men demand for themselves.  Funny isn't it, how lefty-boys will defend to the hilt the right of a man to rape a woman even if that man is not their political buddy?  If any woman was labouring under the delusion that lefty men are more likely to consider us fully human than right-wing men, the Assange case should have disabused them of the notion.  Oh I know, most women have Stockholm Syndrome about men and will cling to denial, they'll cling to the idea that their lefty buddies are of necessity better men than the others.  The truth is too depressing and sad to contemplate - that left wing men, just like right wing men, still haven't realised that women are human like them and when they talk about human rights, they don't mean women.

I used to want Rapey Julian to be extradited to Sweden. But his refusal to enjoy the famous clean air of Sweden has had an almost biblical result in this lung problem he has developed.  The irony is, he will probably serve a longer and harsher sentence in the Ecuadorean embassy, without the health-giving properties of Sweden's fab air quality, than he would have done if he'd actually been found guilty in a court of law of the crime for which the Swedish police would like to question him - and the chances of him being found guilty were always quite low, as they are for all rapists.  So he has chosen to serve a sentence with the cruel and unusual punishment of illness caused by his living conditions, which is far in excess of what would have happened to him if he had had a bit of respect for the women who are accusing him and the Swedish legal authorities. One up for Karma, I reckon.


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  2. Glorious - and completely justified - schadenfreude! :oD

  3. Brilliant post, and this sums it all in a nutshell.

    "...those of us who have been sickened by the parade of men and women eager to tell us that when once we consent to sex with a man, we have then agreed to all barriers of bodily integrity being broken and we have no more right to put conditions, boundaries or any sort of negotiation around sexual behaviour from that moment on."

  4. oh, please. those of us who knew Mr Assange from his days in Melbourne's early BBS scene know of his penchant for exaggeration. he's probably just got a minor sniffle. and i want to scotch any rumors to the effect that the CIA has poisoned his green tea with Ricin. that's just irresponsible.